It all started when...

My mother was pregnant with me while opening her first salon. I guess you could say it's in the blood. From there I went on to create my first appointment book, "Lindsay's funky hairstyles" at age 8. I had one client, my dad. At a young age I learned with a gentle touch and a confident vision a client will feel relaxed enough to allow me to create and sometimes even doze off in the process. As I got older I continued experimenting with styles on friends before their proms, weddings, and hot dates, but knew better than to get the scissors and bleach out until I had proper training.

From the archives of "Lindsay's funky hairstyles"

From the archives of "Lindsay's funky hairstyles"

I've always had great respect for the geometry of haircutting and the playful aspect of hair color. Straight out of high school I pursued my formal training through the Paul Mitchell School in San Diego, CA. It was there that I had the perfect blend of learning the rules of the craft and the freedom to break those rules. After school I advanced my training at a premier salon in La Jolla. When my year of training was completed I decided to move to northern California with a friend and fellow classmate, Laura Birrell. Upon arriving in Marin county I found a perfect home at Christopher Salon in Tiburon where I built a steady clientele there for close to 9 years.

My career has led me full circle back to working with Laura at her salon, Willow, in downtown San Rafael. Here we have a calm shared space to create and give clients a truly one on one experience. My focus in this new space is quality time. I want to empower my clients, to not only love their natural texture, but to banish the notion of "I could never recreate this at home". With this approach you will gain a personal confidence with hair products and tools that you didn't have before. I would love to show you the options that you can have starting with a haircut that suits you and your lifestyle.